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Life is full of twists and turns, but with Pacis Insurance by your side, you can face the future with confidence.
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Pacis, therefore, strives to bring peace and comfort to society by ensuring that all our clients have peace of mind because they know that in the event of a loss, we will be there for them.

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With partnerships established with 25 dioceses and insuring over 5,000 schools, Pacis Insurance is proud to be a trusted partner in the education sector. We are committed to fostering strong relationships with educational institutions, supporting their growth, and ensuring their long-term success.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Company ?

The Catholic Church through the dioceses, religious congregations and various catholic institutions It is a limited liability company which will follow all rules as stipulated by the registrar of companies.

What was the reason for formation of the Company?

A survey was done which found out that the church pays 1b in premium annually and claims ration about 20%. -Little knowledge about the insurance in the catholic fraternity - Lack of proper advice about insurance Change the perception of the insurance in the market with the good will it is to have.

Is there not a risk in insuring with a new company?

The strength of a company is determined by two things;

  • The insurance treaties arranged and
  • The management composition of the board

What role will the Bishops play?

The bishops came up with the idea but appointed a board of directors to run the company on their behalf.

What classes of insurance does the company offer?

All general insurance classes excluding aviation and life.

What kind of terms do you offer?

Competitive terms based on the fact that the clientele is bound to return a low claims rate

How is the company different from Waumini Insurance Brokers?

Pacis is an insurance company dealing with various agents and brokers, while Waumini is a broker dealing with various underwriters in the market.

Is there any preference given to waumini insurance brokers?

Just like any other broker, they have to compete for business. Pacis is committed to Fairness, Integrity and Transparency and Openness in all its business undertakings.