Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Secure Your Vehicle & Your Well-being with Pacis Comprehensive Car Insurance

Drive with confidence knowing your car is protected against accidental damage or loss with Pacis Comprehensive Insurance. Enjoy complete protection against theft, vehicle damage, and bodily injury; Pacis comprehensive motor insurance ensures you always enjoy top-quality service.

What is Comprehensive Motor Insurance?

Pacis Comprehensive Car Insurance offers robust protection against injuries, death of insured persons, or damages to personal, commercial, or corporate vehicles. The cover also safeguards against third-party legal liabilities if your insured car is involved in an accident. Whether it’s an accidental collision, theft, or political violence, your vehicle is under our care.

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key features

What are the key features of this insurance?

Car Damage
Covers against damage of your insured motor vehicle caused by accidental collision, overturning, wear or tear, mechanical breakdown.
Covers loss through damage as a result of fire or theft of the insured motor vehicle.
Third-Party Property Damage
Covers damages to third-party vehicles or other property as a result of an accident caused by the insured person’s vehicle.
Third-Party Bodily Injury
Covers bodily injuries of other persons besides the insured as a result of an accident caused by the insured person’s vehicle.
Alternative Car
Provides an alternative car to use during the repair or replacement process.
Excess Waiver
No excess charged in case of an accident.
Political Violence, Riots, or Strikes
Covers damages or loss in the event of riots, strikes, or acts of political violence.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Product Benefits

24/7 Roadside Assistance
Round-the-clock support for emergency breakdowns or incidents.
Courtesy Car
A replacement vehicle provided during the repair or replacement of your insured vehicle.
Customizable Coverage
Tailor your coverage to meet your


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pacis Comprehensive Insurance?

Provides complete protection against accidental damage to vehicles and third-party legal liabilities.

What types of vehicles are covered?

Individually-owned private vehicles, business-owned, and corporate vehicles.

What are the features of Pacis Comprehensive Insurance?

Own Damage, Third-Party Property Damage, Third-Party Bodily Injury, Alternative Car Provision, etc.

What benefits are offered?

24/7 Roadside Assistance, Courtesy Car, Customizable Coverage.

What are the limits of liability for personal injury?

24/7 Roadside Assistance, Courtesy Car, Customizable Coverage.

What types of vehicles are excluded from coverage?

Detailed exclusions will be based on the policy terms and conditions, and it is best

Who is eligible for this policy?

Individuals, corporates, SMEs, government agencies, Saccos, religious bodies, education institutions.

What is the claim process?

Report to Pacis Insurance within 24 hours, provide documentation, await assessment and settlement.

How can I contact Pacis Insurance?

Phone at +254 703 099 120, email at, or website

Are there any exclusions?

Specific exclusions may apply depending on the policy terms and conditions.

How can I request a callback for a quote?

Fill the contact form on the website, or directly contact them through provided contact information.