Professional Indemnity for Architects

Professional Indemnity for Architects

Protect Your Craft with Pacis Professional Indemnity for Architects: Building Trust, Securing Futures

As architects, you meticulously craft structures that stand the test of time. Your precision and dedication deserve protection. With Pacis Professional Indemnity for Architects, you can confidently create, knowing that we’ve got your back. From unexpected outcomes to legal liabilities, we’re here to support you against professional negligence, errors, or omissions. Our tailored policy extensions, affordable premiums, and dedicated claim service ensure that you can focus on your core business, while we take care of the risks.

What is Professional Indemnity for Architects?

Pacis Professional Indemnity for Architects is a specialized liability insurance crafted to serve the unique needs of architects in private or full-time employment. Designed by Pacis Insurance Company, a trusted name with deep-rooted ties to community values, this policy offers a comprehensive shield against potential legal liabilities that may stem from acts of negligence, errors, or omissions in the provision of professional services. With features that include coverage for court judgments, legal defense costs, disciplinary hearings, and defamation suits, this policy stands as a robust safeguard for financial and reputational risks. Further enhancing its value are additional options for retroactive cover, reinstatement, and run-off cover, allowing a tailored fit for varied professional needs. The policy operates on a claims-made basis, ensuring that claims are addressed within the period of insurance, and offers a range of cover limits and premium options. From instilling peace of mind to enhancing brand credibility and ensuring the smooth operation of your business, Pacis Professional Indemnity for Architects is more than insurance – it’s a partnership in building your professional legacy.”

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key features

What are the key features of this insurance?

Coverage for Negligence
Court judgments/awards for acts of professional negligence are covered.
Legal Defense Costs
Includes legal costs of defense in court.
Disciplinary Hearings Costs
Coverage for the cost of disciplinary hearings.
Defamation Suits Costs
Costs arising from defamation suits are included.
Claims-Made Basis
The policy only covers claims made during the period of insurance.
Retroactive Cover (Optional)
Covers claims related to incidents before the policy inception date (conditions apply).
Re-instatement (Optional)
Cushions the insured if the primary limit of cover is exhausted within the period of insurance.
Run-off Cover (Optional)
Extension for those retiring or changing careers who have had a cover up to that point.
Cover Limits & Premium Options
Multiple options for liability limits and annual gross fees with corresponding premiums.
Range from 50,000 to 200,000 depending on the limit of liability chosen.

Professional Indemnity for Architects

Product Benefits

Peace of Mind
Aids architects in performing professional services with confidence, knowing that potential legal liabilities are covered, leading to more effective results.
Increased Credibility
Enhances goodwill and brand image, assuring clients and investors that risks arising from services are supported by Pacis Insurance, thereby bolstering trust.
Smooth Running of Business
Helps in restoring the financial position following losses incurred due to legal processes arising from errors and/or omissions, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered under the Professional Indemnity for Architects?

This insurance covers Architects for legal liabilities due to negligence, error, or omission in rendering professional services.

Who can obtain this coverage?

Architects involved in either private or full-time employment who provide professional services.

Are there any extensions available for the cover?

Yes, extensions include Retroactive cover, Re-instatement, and Run-of cover, among others.

How are the premiums determined?

Premiums are calculated based on annual gross fees and selected limit of liability.

What is the deductible/excess?

The deductible/excess is the amount the insured must pay before the insurance company begins covering a claim.

How can I make a claim with Pacis Insurance?

You can make a claim by writing to Pacis Insurance directly or your intermediary, following their specified procedures.

Is coverage available for incidents occurring before the policy start date?

Yes, with Retroactive cover, but not for un-insured periods.

How do I sign up for this insurance policy?

Complete the proposal form on the website, pay the premium, and send the necessary documents.

Can I respond to third-party letters or claims?

No, do not respond to third-party correspondence without Pacis Insurance's consent; forward them to the insurer.

How does this policy enhance my business operation?

It helps restore your financial position after legal losses, enhances credibility, and brings peace of mind, enabling you