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Pacis Travel

Stay Protected on your Next Adventure with Pacis Travel Insurance

Relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about falling ill or losing your luggage every time you leave the country.

What is Pacis Travel?

Experience worry-free travels with our dependable travel insurance, offering comprehensive coverage and round-the-clock customer service. Pacis Travel, in collaboration with MAPFRE Asistencia, an esteemed international assistance company operating in 58 countries and with a direct presence in 38 others, is dedicated to providing comprehensive support in case of any unforeseen incidents during your travels outside your regular country of residence. The extent of coverage is tailored to different geographical regions, including Africa, Asia, Schengen, and Worldwide.

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key features

What are the key features of this insurance?

Medical expenses & hospitalization while abroad
We cover costs of unplanned or emergency medical treatment during your travel.
Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident.
Pacis travel insurance plan includes an evacuation plan that covers the cost of transporting you back home in case you become ill while overseas.
Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroad.
We cover the costs of getting a temporary passport/ driving license and/or ID and getting a new one in case you lose them while away on travel.
Personal accident
Your Pacis travel insurance offers a financial back up in the event of injuries or death resulting from an accident while overseas.
Compensation for in-flight loss of checked in baggage
Pacis Travel insurance offers a benefit amount as per your plan if your airline confirms the loss of your checked-in luggage.
Compensation for delay in the arrival of baggage.
Pacis offers daily reimbursements per person per day for luggage delays.
Location and forwarding of baggage and personal effects.
We cover costs incurred when locating and forwarding your luggage and personal effects to you while away on travel

Pacis Travel

Product Benefits

Extensive Coverage:
With Pacis Travel's partnership with MAPFRE Asistencia, you can enjoy the benefit of extensive coverage for various travel-related mishaps. This includes medical emergencies, lost luggage, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen events that may occur while traveling outside your usual country of residence.
Global Assistance:
Wherever you may be traveling, you can rely on their expertise and local knowledge to provide you with the necessary assistance in case of an emergency. Whether it's finding the nearest medical facility, arranging for transportation, or providing language support, their 24/7 customer service will be there to assist you throughout your journey.
Tailored Coverage for Different Regions:
Pacis Travel understands that different regions present unique challenges and risks. With our product, you can benefit from tailored coverage based on the specific geographical region you are traveling to. This ensures that you receive the appropriate level of protection and assistance that is relevant to the area you are exploring.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pacis Travel Medical Cover?

Pacis Amani Travel exists to ease your financial burden of unexpected medical expenses, loss of travel documents and luggage while overseas.

What do I need to register for the Pacis Travel insurance cover?

● Claims Form.
● A detailed letter explaining the loss.
● Original receipts of all incurred costs.
● Copy of passport showing exit/entry dates from the country of residence Medical reports.
● Medical expenses.
● Medical reports with admitting medical history.
● Clinical laboratory results

What do I need to claim my delayed or lost luggage?

● Property irregularity report by the airline.
● Copy of flight ticket.
● Original receipts of basic necessity items purchased in case of delayed luggage.
● Certificate of lost luggage by the airline.
● Copy of the carrier reimbursement/settlement letter.

What do I need to claim delayed departure?

● Certificate about the delay issued by the airline.
● Copy of flight ticket.
● Original receipts of relevant services/items purchased.

What does Pacis travel insurance cover?

Pacis travel insurance covers medical expenses and hospitalization while abroad, transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident, loss of passport/ID/driving license, personal accident, compensation for in-flight loss of checked baggage, compensation for delay in arrival of baggage, and location and forwarding of baggage and personal effects.

How do I sign up for Pacis travel insurance?

You can visit the Pacis website or contact customer service for a quote and payment options.

What regions does Pacis travel insurance cover?

Pacis Travel in association with MAPFRE Asistencia, an international assistance company operating in 58 countries and a direct presence in 38 others, will take care of any mishaps that may occur during your travels outside your usual country of residence. The coverage depends on the various geographical regions- Africa, Asia, Schengen and Worldwide.

What do I do if I need assistance while abroad?

Pacis travel insurance provides 24/7 customer service for practical assistance when abroad.

What is the process for making a claim?

Contact Pacis customer service as soon as possible to report the claim and receive instructions on the claim process. You will nee to provide relevant documents such as medical bills, police reports, or proof of delayed or lost baggage.

Can I cancel my travel insurance policy?

Yes, you can cancel your policy before the start date and receive a full refund. If you cancel after the start date, the refund amount will depend on the policy terms and the reason for cancellation.

What if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

Pacis travel insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions as long as they are declared during the application process and approved by the underwriter. Additional premiums or exclusions may apply.

Does Pacis travel insurance cover adventure sports?

Coverage for adventure sports varies based on the policy and the specific sport. It is important to review the policy terms and exclusions to understand what is covered.