Religious Comprehensive

Religious Comprehensive

Protection of faith-based institutions is key to Pacis. Our Religious Comprehensive cover offers faith-based organisation and their affiliates the opportunity to combine essential covers in one policy there by maximizing coverage and policy discounting.

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Who is the Insurance product for?

Churches and Religious institutions

What does it cover?

Property Insurance

Places of worship are sensitive installations requiring innovative protection solutions. Be it a building of first class or a dome tent, we have an appropriate cover for you. In addition, residences and adjacent buildings and their contents can be covered.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicles for pastoral or evangelic purposes enjoy extensive coverage within our Clergy Motor cover.

Care to third parties

As public areas places of worship owe a duty of care to visitors, their vehicles and property from losses because of an accident.

Money Insurance

Money received by the church whether in form of offertory or collection is secured by this policy through compensation following a robbery, theft, loss in transit or any other accidental cause.

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