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Home Insurance

Pacis Home Insurance give you  Home Insurance | Pages | OctoberCMS insurance for your building, the contents, all risks, WIBA, occupier’s liability and owner’s liability. Pacis Insurance, for comfort and peace in life.

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Our Home Insurance Cover comprises of coverage for the following sections:

Section A: Building: This covers the private dwelling house, fences, outbuildings and walls against damage by fire, floods, impact, earthquakes and falling aerial objects.

Section B: Contents: This covers contents of all description whilst in the house occupied continuously by the insured against fire & perils, theft, and accidental damage.

Section C: All Risks: Covers portable valuables like jewelry, watches, spectacles, etc. against fire & perils, theft, and accidental damage.

Section D: WIBA (Work Injury Benefits Act) : Cover insures against personal injury or sickness to domestic servants such as stablemen, gardeners, house helps, cooks, cleaners, and watchmen while on duty.

Section E: Occupier’s Liability: This is cover for owners’ legal liability to third parties that could accrue to the insured person from occupancy of a house whether he/she owns it.

Section F: Owner’s Liability: This is section covers occupier’s and personal liability to third parties in the premises. Such liability includes injuries caused by domestic animals like cats, dogs, and horses.


Upon onboarding:

  • Copy of ID/Passport
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Copy of KRA Pin Certificate
  • Value / sums insured and listing
  • Location of the risk/ home


The rates are flat on each Section and are always minimal.

1. Buildings 0.125%
2. Contents 0.85%
3. All Risks 1.25%

Domestic Servants

Kshs 500/- per person


Occupier’s and owner’s liability

Free at Kshs 1,000,000/= maximum limit


  • Part C (All Risks) cannot be taken without part B (Contents).
  • Please select the premiums from the above premium schedules that correspondences to the value of your building, contents, or all risks items.

What are the Benefits?

Offers compensation in the event of loss occuring in the building, contents and / or the workers.

What is the claim Process?

  • Notify the insurance Company immediately
  • Fill in the required documents for the claim.
  • Provide invoices, reciepts and required claim documentation as requested by our friendly claims Team.

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