School Comprehensive

School Comprehensive

Pacis school comprehensive removes the hustle of selecting the most appropriate policies for your institution by combining the essentials in addition to those required by law.

Who is the Insurance product for?

Schools and learning institutions

What does it cover?

School Bus

Pacis School Bus Insurance provides cover to school buses against any loss and/or damage by accidental means, theft, fire, malicious damage, Third Party Bodily Injury (or Death) and Third Party Property Damage.

Fire and Burglary

Partial or total damage by fire and similar risks (earthquake, explosion, riot and strike, malicious damage, special perils) to the institution’s property will be covered as well as damage through forceful entry or exit.

Group Personal

The institution shall be compensated if students are accidentally injured whether in or out of school. This extends to death benefit as well.


As a mandatory cover for the institution’s employees, WIBA kicks in to compensate for accidental injury, disablement or death while on duty. It can be extended to cover employees when they are off duty.

What are the Benefits?

  • Peace of mind to concentrate the institution’s core business
  • Affordable insurance solutions
  • Ability to combine different insurance solutions under one policy thereby maximizing discounts.

What is the claim Process?

  • Report any claim to the insurance company
  • Fill in the required claim form.

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