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Pacis Insurance Company Limited has a board of 12 directors, all of whom are of good public standing.

Most of the religious members are on the board to represent the shareholders interests as well as to offer advice, along with lay professionals who also offer professional expertise to the management and board, to ensure that the company is run professionally within the laws of the financial industry in Kenya.

The board members are:-

  1. Dr. Samuel M. Kiruthu (Chairman) - Kenyan
  2. Very Rev. Fr. Daniel K. Rono - Kenyan
  3. Mr. Ewart F. Salins - Kenyan
  4. Mr. Brian G. Omwenga - Kenyan
  5. Rt. Rev. James Wainaina - Kenyan
  6. Rev. Fr. Simon Ng’ang’a - Kenyan
  7. Mrs. Angelica Kamuyu - Kenyan
  8. Mr. Charles Kanjama - Kenyan
  9. Mr. James Ngunjiri - Kenyan (Managing)


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