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The Catholic Church mooted the idea of the formation of Pacis Insurance Company Limited (Pacis) in 1997. This was after realisation that the church needed to have a sustainable avenue of raising funds to support her projects. Pacis was incorporated in Kenya in October 2004 and licensed to do business in August 2005.

The Catholic Church in Kenya through the various Archdioceses, Dioceses, the Catholic Missionary Priests, and the Association of the Catholic Nuns together with affiliated institutions of the Church are the main sponsor of the Company. All profits made by the company go to the sponsor, the various arms of the church, that then reinvest the money back into the community through numerous projects.

Pacis is a Latin word that means PEACE. Pacis therefore strives to bring peace and comfort to society by ensuring that all our clients have peace of mind because they know that in the event of a loss, we will be there for them.

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