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House Protect

This is your first house contents insurance cover. House protect is a must for any modern individual or family. The policy covers the following:-

  • Loss or damage to items such as furniture, clothes, bedding & curtains, carpets, gas cylinder and electronics as a result of fire or house break-in which is accidental in nature.
  • Loss or damage to the items listed below as a result of floods, explosion, riots and strikes.
  • Medical expenses incurred by you as a result of injury caused by fire or house break-in.

This policy however does not cover the following:-

  • Loss or damage by short circuiting, power surge or electrical fault.
  • Loss or damage intentionally caused by insured or any person staying with insured.
  • Contents of residential houses with walls constructed of timber, corrugated iron sheets, mud or coral stones.

Professional Indemnity

This policy is intended for professionals such as Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, Accountants, Architects and Civil Engineers. The insured has the flexibility of designing the kind of cover that they need. It provides cover up to the limit of the indemnity for any sums that the insured may become legally liable to pay arising from beach of duty, by reason of negligent act, error, omission committed during the policy period. Its a claims made policy and the act must be committed or allegedly committed by insured and reported to the company while the policy is in force. It provides for an extended reporting period of 30 days after expiry or lapse of policy.

Home Insurance

This policy covers homes which are either on rental or solely owned. The policy is broken down to the following sections:-

  1. Section A: Buildings - Covers residential buildings (1st construction) against fire, explosion, lightening, earthquake, riot & strike, malicious damage, storm, flood, burst pipes and impact.
  2. Section B: Contents - Covers damage to household contents against fire, explosion, lightening, earthquake, riot & strike, burglary, malicious damage, storm, flood, burst pipes and impact only while within the residence.
  3. Section C: All Risks - Covers loss or damage to personal effects worldwide i.e. cameras, prescription glasses, phones, laptops or jewellery.
  4. Section D: Workmen's Compensation - Provides cover for death or injury to domestic servants while in the course of employment.
  5. Section E: Owner's Liability - Covers insured's legal liability to third parties for death, injury or damage to property arising out of the ownership of the property.
  6. Section F: Occupiers Liability - Covers insured's legal liability to third parties for death, injury or damage to property arising out of the occupancy  of the house.


This policy is designed to give cover to golfers against the following contingencies happening on any golf course or club premises:-

  • Loss or damage to golfing equipment (Clubs, bags and caddie cars).
  • Fire, theft or larceny - Loss or damage to personal effects other than golfing equipment and valuables.
  • Hole-in-one: Out of pocket expenses included as a result of the insured holding out in one stroke whilst playing in a competition  or friendly game.
  • Liability to the public: Indemnity in respect of claims by the public (Caddies / Ball boys included) for personal injury and damage to property.

An optional cover for Personal Accident is available under Personal Accident resulting in death, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement and medical expenses.


This policy covers loss or damage by theft involving entry to or exit from a building by forcible and violent means or any attempted threat, provided there are visible marks made on the premises at the place of such entry or exit by tools, explosives, electricity or chemicals. Damage to the premises caused by thieves is included if the insured is responsible for the repairs provided the sum insured is adequate.

Auto Plus

This is a motor insurance policy that intends to guarantee the insured total comfort in eventualities such as accident scene management, towing services, alternative vehicle and vehicle breakdown services among others provided in the policy. The policy is available for motor private and motor commercial. Auto Assured provides 24 hour road rescue services to car owners within the greater Nairobi Area (30KMs from C.B.D). Stoic Company offers vehicle tracking services with high-tech satellite based tracking solutions. The policy has the following covers:-

  • Extra benefits: Free valuation,windscreen cover, radio cassette cover, riot, strike and civil commotion, special perils, passenger liability & no blame no excess.*
  • Enhanced policy cover: Roadside assistance & rescue, free courtesy car for 10 Days, alternate accommodation following accident, free personal accident & death cover for owner and driver, cover for forced ATM withdrawal during carjacking incident and cover for loss or damage of personal effects following incident.


  1. Fire and Perils

  2. The standard Fire Policy provides cover against the material loss to property caused by: Fire, Lightning and Explosion arising from the boiler used for domestic purpose only in a building not being part of any gas works of gas used for domestic purposes or used for lightening or heating the building.

  3. Fire Consequential Loss

  4. This Policy is issued in conjunction with a Fire Material Damage Policy. The policy protects the earning capacity of that capital by making good loss of your net profit, enabling you to meet overheads and defraying increase in expenditure. The cover provides indemnity against loss of gross profits following reduction in turnover (or other appropriate standard e.g., rent receivable) and increased cost of working necessarily incurred to maintain or restore turnover, (as for example renting temporary premises, having work done elsewhere, overtime or extra labour and special advertising) resulting from a peril covered under the attendant Fire Policy.


The policy covers the insured as per the "coverage" clause for mishaps that may occur due to unforeseen incidents during travels outside his/her usual country of residence. The policy has the following coverages:-

  • Medical expenses & hospitalization abroad.
  • Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident.
  • Emergency dental care.
  • Repatriation of family member travelling with the insured.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Travel of one immediate family member.
  • Emergency return home following death of a close family member.
  • Delivery of medicines.
  • Relay of urgent messages.
  • Advance of bail bond.
  • Advance of funds.
  • Legal defense.
  • Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroad.
  • Personal accident - 24 hours.
  • Compensation for in-flight loss of checked in baggage.
  • Compensation for delay in the arrival of baggage.
  • Location and forwarding of baggage and personal effects.
  • Delayed departure.

The coverages depend on the following geographical regions:- Africa and Worldwide.

All Risks

This is the widest form of cover available for property. It covers accidental loss, damage or destruction from any cause, including fire, which is not specifically excluded. It is a requirement for this cover that each item is specifically identified and is allocated a separate sum insured. For items that can be identified by make, model and serial numbers, these must be given as they are important when claims occur. In some cases, particularly where items of jewellery and works of art are concerned, we can issue 'agreed value'.





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