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Pacis Insurance Company Ltd has partnered with various intermediaries in various regions who sell the various products of the company. The following details the requirements and guidelines an intermediary must satisfy in order to trade with PACIS products.

Appointment of Intermediaries

Minimum Requirements for the Appointment of an Intermediary

  1. The Principal Officer must have a  proven record with a recognized Underwriter, intermediary or health provider (experience).
  2. Where 1 & 2 do not apply the intermediary must have been in business for at least two years, and transacting business worth Kshs. 10, 000,000.
  3. The Principal Officer to be interviewed by Business Development Manager.
  4. Must not ran any other business alongside the insurance agency/brokerage (sole Business).

On appointment the following conditions will apply

  1. Minimum debited income for the first one year should be Kshs.500,000/= excluding any already in our books.
  2. A new account every month.
  3. The portfolio mix must be balanced with not more than 50% being motor business.
  4. Business Development Division to monitor the above and hold discussions with the intermediary through the monthly business performance.

Intermediary Application Requirements Check List

  1. Completed PACIS Insurance Company Ltd Application Form.
  2. Certificate of Registration of Business OR Certificate of incorporation.
  3. National ID Cards of Directors/Principal Officer.
  4. Current Registration Certificate as an Agent issued by IRA.
  5. C.O.P Certificate/Exemption letter.
  6. Two (2) Passport size photographs of the principal officer.


To download the Intermediary Application Form, Click Here



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