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Medical Insurance

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Pacis Insurance has a wide range of Medical covers offerings with tailored plans for in-patient and out-patient for corporate schemes and SMES. Our Medical products are affordable and generous to meet your requirements. We provide exceptional cover options for your group. Depending on the size and profile of your corporate, we can tailor an insurance plan that fits your corporate needs. Our Medical Covers offer access to a broad network of doctors and hospitals throughout the Kenya, providing comprehensive care for inpatient and outpatient needs for employees and their dependants.

Overview of Key Benefits & Services


  • Comprehensive Medical covers.
  • Wide access of doctors, hospitals and other providers/facilities.
  • Emergency evacuation and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Rapid, accurate claim payments and reimbursement.
  • Dedicated medical case management and other professionals.
  • For more information, please contact us personally so that we can customize the benefits to meet your specific requirements.



We offer enhanced cover options that cater for the following:-


  • Maternity cover.
  • Chronic conditions, e.g. diabetes and hypertension
  • Pre-existing conditions.


Eligibility Criteria

Any person from birth to 64 years is eligible to join the scheme. The policy will cover dependants, including spouses, own children, legally adopted and foster children from birth (subject to discharge) and 21 years, or up to 25 years as single members at a discount if there is proof that they are in school and dependent on the parent.

*Clergy insured are exempted from the age limitation


The cover indemnifies the insured subject to the overall limit in respect of medical expenses necessarily incurred as the direct result of an insured falling ill or sustaining accidental bodily injury whilst the Insured is admitted as an in-patient in a hospital.

Scope of cover & Policy Benefits

Hospital accommodation, Doctor’s fees, Theatre including surgeon’s fees and Anesthetists’ fees, Prescribed medicines, laboratory and other investigative charges, Gynecological treatment, Chemotherapy, Pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG and Computerized Tomography, MRI Scans, Intensive care unit (ICU), High Dependency Unit (HDU),Lodger fees for a parent or guardian accompanying a child below eight (8) years will be covered.


The cover is for all outpatient services include: Consultation, Outpatient procedures e.g. dressing, HIV Counseling, testing and provision of ARV’s, chronic & pre-existing conditions up to full outpatient benefits ,Prescribed Physiotherapists fees, Counseling services covered upon referral, Diagnostics tests etc.

Dental Cover

The dental cover shall cover the costs of fillings, extractions, diagnostics x-rays, gum disease treatments, root canal etc.

Optical Cover

The covers provides for the cost of frames, lenses, eye testing etc.

Maternity Cover

The cover providers for costs of normal delivery, cesarean sections and any complications. Prenatal care, Maternity Diagnostic tests and post natal care are covered. The

Last Expense

Should the insured member die during the currency of this cover we will upon receipt of satisfactory proof of death, in writing, pay to the designated beneficiary entitled thereto, subject to the overall cover limit. The member will be required to submit death notification after which a cheque will be issued within 48 hours.

Service Providers

The insured will access provision of medical service from the preferred list of service providers is across Kenya. A credit facility has been arranged with the providers so the insured will never get to see the bill.

Request for quotation for your organization/company

To enable us issue you with a group/staff cover, please provide us with the below information;


  • Name of the proposer/Group/Institution.
  • Population size, categorization and geographical spread.
  • Benefits required.
  • Previous claims history for 3 to 5 years if available.
  • Period of cover required.
  • Age profile of the members.